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Skin Cancer

The lastest digital scanning methodology, Dermatoscopy, is used for full skin checks in our clinic.

Dermatoscopy is a simple and non-invasive diagnostic technique that magnifies the skin, and which enables the doctor to assess the colour and structure of skin lesions more clearly. This significantly improves the clinical diagnosis of skin lesions when used by trained and experienced doctors, such as in our clinic.

Highly suspicious lesions will be biopsied and sent for histopathology testing to establish or rule out skin cancer. Less suspicious lesions can be photographed and monitored during close follow-up.

It is recommended that the skin be checked at least annually. High risk patients are encouraged to have their skin checked professionally more regularly.

People with multiple moles or who have a history of melanoma in first degree relatives are considered to be at high risk, and encouraged to perform self-examination and have more frequent professional surveillance.

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